I'm the co-founder and analytics lead of Quantic Foundry.

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I completed my Ph.D. at Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab. During my graduate career, I worked with Jeremy Bailenson in using immersive virtual reality (VR) as a platform for conducting experiments in social interaction and self-representation. In particular, we were interested in exploring how to break the rules of physical social interaction to enhance interactions in virtual environments.

Selected Journal Articles:

Yee, N., Harris, H., Jabon, M., Bailenson, J.N. (2011). The Expression of Personality in Virtual Worlds. Social Psychology and Personality Science, 2, 5-12. PDF

Yee, N. & Bailenson, J.N. (2007). The Proteus Effect: The Effect of Transformed Self-Representation on Behavior. Human Communication Research, 33, 271-290. PDF

Bailenson, J.N., Iyengar, S., Yee, N., & Collins, N. (2008). Facial Similarity between Voters and Candidates Causes Influence. Public Opinion Quarterly, 72, 935-961. PDF

Yee, N., Bailenson, J.N., Urbanek, M., Chang, F., Merget, D. (2007). The Unbearable Likeness of Being Digital: The Persistence of Nonverbal Social Norms in Online Virtual Environments. The Journal of CyberPsychology and Behavior, 10, 115-121. PDF


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