I'm the co-founder and analytics lead of Quantic Foundry.

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The following are essays, widgets, and media that come from earlier incarnations of my webpages. In other words, stuff that happened in what feels like a past-life, but is still too good to throw away.

Hidden Agenda (essay) - What do personality trait assessments really assess?

Catching The Phoenix (essay) - Thoughts on the social construction of Western gay culture.

MRSA Abscess & Septra Reaction (documentation) - In the spring of 2007, I struggled with a series of health issues as I finished my dissertation. Documenting what happened was part of the healing process for me.

Beyond Tops and Bottoms (study) - A survey study of physical preferences and sexual preferences among gay men.

Jacks or Better (flash game) - A Flash-based poker game.

Predictive Psychology (flash widget) - A Flash-based example of how technology can read your mind ... or can it?

Photoshop Earth (photoshop) - A re-imagining of the earth based on NASA photos, 3D modeling, and Photoshop.

Color-Blind Vision (photoshop) - Things that only the color-blind can see.

Clay Forge (pottery) - Pieces I made in undergrad.

Muddy Water (mp3) - Live on-stage recording of Roger Miller's piece with Kip Lewis. This was back in 1999 as part of a musical revue group I co-founded in college.


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